How To Use Candles In Funeral Services At Funeral Homes In Columbus, OH

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When you lose someone close to you and you have to plan their funeral, you might be looking for a way to make things nice and personal. One way you can do that is to use candles in the services. It’s common to use candles and you have a variety of different options for how you can use them. Here are some tips that can help you decide how to use candles in the services at funeral homes in Columbus, OH.

Memory Table

If you want to create a beautiful tribute to your deceased loved one, one of the things you can do is make a memory table. You can do this with photos and small trinkets or belongings that belonged to the deceased. You can also add candles to it to make it more special and create an ambient look. You can add them around the photos or you can create a special design with them. You can get as creative as you choose to make the table look as good as you want.


If you want to make sure the funeral home has dim lighting that helps reduce the brightness and help with the mood of the service, you could use the candles as the primary source of lighting. You can ask the funeral home director to dim the light or even turn them off completely so you can only use the candles. You can place them around the room or you may decide that it’s a better option to place them around the casket. You have a lot of options and you can try different things to see which ones work best for your services and even discuss the options with family and friends.

Ceremoniesfuneral homes in Columbus, OH

There some rituals or ceremonies that are used with candles. You can blow out the candles to symbolizes blowing out the light in someone’s life or as a way to say goodbye to the deceased. You can allow others to be a part of the services and participate in the candle ceremony. You can choose to do this in private or you can include others who are attending the services as well. This can help everyone get some closure and can be a nice way to include everyone and say goodbye to your loved one.

If you are planning a funeral service at funeral homes in Columbus, OH and you would like to find a way to use candles in the service, be sure to keep the above tips and suggestions in mind. You can also come up with other ways that work just as well. If you are ready to start planning a funeral service, be sure to reach out to Heart & Hope Funeral Home by Schoedinger. We are happy to assist you with all your funeral planning needs. Just give us a call or stop by to learn more about our services and all the ways we can assist you.

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