How To Include Artwork In Services At Funeral Homes In Grove City, OH

Posted on July 26, 2021 by Heart & Hope under Funeral
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funeral homes in Grove City, OH

Choosing to have a funeral service at funeral homes in Grove City, OH will ensure your loved one is laid to rest in a respectful manner and that your family is able to pay their respects and find some closure with the death. if your loved one was an artist or was particularly fond of art, you may be looking for a way to include some art in the funeral service. There are many ways you can do this and it can brighten up the services and make them more personal. Here are a few ways you may want to consider.

Display It

You can always display the artwork in the funeral home. Whether it is something your loved one created on their own or just a favorite piece. You can use the regular or you can create a copy to ensure the original doesn’t get damaged or lost while on display. You can also find other ways to include the art such as taking photos of it and using them to make a collage or a photo album that family members can flip through and view.

Encourage Art From Others

If your loved one just enjoyed making art or happened to be an art instructor, you can encourage the guests who will attend the service to create art to bring with them. This can be displayed around the funeral home as a tribute to the deceased. It can even be used instead of flowers. You can also make canvases or paper available at the service so people can make the art when they attend the service or leave a special drawing for the family of the deceased.


funeral homes in Grove City, OH 3You can use the headstone as a way to display artwork or just show how much the deceased enjoyed doing artwork. You can use an original piece of art and have it engraved on the headstone or you can simply choose artistic designs and image to add to the headstone. You can also use art phrases to make the headstone more special and personal. You can make it as creative or simple as you choose and even include your family members in making the decision to choose the headstone that best meets your needs.

If you are planning to have a funeral service for a loved one at funeral homes in Grove City, OH and you want to be able to include artwork or show off their love of art, you have a lot of ways to do so. You should keep some of the tips and suggestions above in mind. You can also come up with other ways that work just as well. if you are ready to start planning your funeral services, be sure to reach out to Heart & Hope Funeral Home by Schoedinger. We are happy to help with all your funeral planning needs and will work with you to find a way to include your loved one’s artwork.

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